Our reading instruction uses our research-based multisensory, systematic and sequentially integrated language arts program. Instruction includes explicit teaching of phonics, reading comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, handwriting, and written composition. Every student is given an initial skills assessment to determine specific skills that need to be targeted to increase reading success. Our talented and experienced certified teachers individualize instruction based on each child’s unique needs while building strength and confidence in reading and spelling.


Our loving teachers know how to make learning FUN while building skills through creative games and engaging practice that empowers children and boosts confidence. Students are placed with one other student that is working on similar skills in order to increase engagement and learn cooperatively.  If your child needs a boost in their reading and spelling, we can help! Learning differences are admired, but not required.




4 days / week: 9 monthly payments of $1,425

2 days / week: 9 monthly payments of $710