Dyslexia therapy is a learning therapy specifically centered on helping students overcome the struggles caused by Dyslexia and other academic disabilities. Research shows that Academic Language Therapy can actually “re-wire” the brain and help students with Dyslexia or other reading disabilities find success in reading and writing. Our private one on one therapy instruction at I Heart Learning Academy is a multisensory, sequential, integrated language arts program that includes decoding, reading comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, cursive handwriting, and written composition. Our team of loving and talented dyslexia practitioners and therapists are trained in MTA, Alphabetic Phonics, Scottish Rite Take Flight, and Kendore Kingdom all of which are accredited by the International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council (IMSLEC) and by the International Dyslexia Association (IDA). Instead of just following a "program" we tailor all of our instruction to each individual child and their needs through diagnotic assessments.


While many students receive dyslexia therapy in a school based remediation program, significant benefits have been seen in student’s success and academic skills as they participate in consistent extra support after school. Through our skills assessment, the I Heart Learning Academy team is able to pinpoint any skills that need greater development and remediation. This added attention and help can significantly increase the efficacy of a school based program and support classwork and accommodations.


Research has proven that a two year Dyslexia Therapy program is most effective with at least an hour a day for 4 or more days a week. While every child will learn and grow at different rates, students at I Heart Learning have seen an average of 35% growth in reading accuracy in just 8 to 10 months of Dyslexia Therapy. We highly recommend a minimum of a full school year commitment. Our skilled teachers know how to make reading FUN again while building skills through creative games and engaging practice that empowers children and boosts confidence.


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School Year Tuition

4 days / week:  9 monthly payments of $1,425

2 days / week:  9 monthly payments of $710


*Annual assessment fee of $300 will be invoiced at the time of the initial assessment.